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Counselling and Dialogue for Sustainable Human Development, edited by J. Guichard, V. Drabik-Podgórna and M. Podgórny, was released in December 2016.

The volume compiles papers produced by researchers from France, Italy, Brazil, Canada, Portugal, Iceland, Lithuania and Poland within international collaboration initiated and developed by the UNESCO Chair on Lifelong Guidance and Counseling.




publikacja1Counselling and Dialogue for Sustainable Human Development
Edited by Jean Guichard, Violetta Drabik-Podgórna and Marek Podgórny
Publisher: Wyd. Adam Marszałek (2016)ISBN: 978-83-8019-566-0

From a review by Professor Jolanta Lenart, University of Rzeszów

“The volume presents a multifaceted, theoretical and practical study of career counselling against the backdrop of civilisation transformations that generate its new paradigms, methods and intervention tools. The contributions address a wide range of issues related to how lifelong counselling can be used to promote sustainable development of people and their living environments. Importantly, sustainable development is an urgent problem today, and its pertinence increases as our reality grows ever more complicated while various social groups face ever greater disproportions in access to cultural goods, in particular to education and gratifying work that provides decent livelihoods. (...) The volume’s editors aptly observe that the global character of the rapidly multiplying problems calls for transnational integration and solidarity of governments and institutions and organisational networking across borders.”

Counselling and Dialogue for Sustainable Human Development

Edited by
Jean Guichard
Violetta Drabik-Podgórna
Marek Podgórny


Violetta Drabik-Podgórna, Marek Podgórny
Counselling, Life Designing and Dialogue Vis-À-Vis the Idea of Sustainable Development

Part I

Theoretical Framework

  • Jean Guichard
    Career Guidance, Education and Dialogues for a Fair and Sustainable Human Development
  • Violetta Drabik-Podgórna
    Contemporary Counselling: Anthropocentric Dialogue-Sensitive Thinking
  • Alicja Kargulowa
    Constructing Counsellogy: General Assumptions in Constructing the Science
    of Counselling
  • Magdalena Piorunek
    Biographical Career Patterns: Differentiations and Emergence. Fields of Empirical Exploration
  • Andrzej Ładyżyński
    Family in Terms of Career and Career Through Family
  • Kęstutis Pukelis
    Developing a Self-Counselling Theory of Gravitation
  • Christian Heslon
    How to Introduce Subjective Aging Psychology into Lifelong Guidance and Counseling?

Part II
Interventions and Activities

  • Marcelo Afonso Ribeiro
    Precariousness, Flexibilization and Vulnerability of Work as Challenges to Career Counseling Research: Some Brazilian Contributions
  • Annamaria Di Fabio
    From Tradition to Innovation: Research on Guidance and Dialogue Counseling
  • Valérie Cohen-Scali
    Career Counseling in France: Key Research Topics
  • Maria Paula Paixão, José Tomás da Silva
    Career Guidance and Counselling in Portugal: Work in Progress?
  • Jacques Pouyaud
    A Framework for the Training and Supervision of Students and Practitioners for the Life Design Dialogues
  • Guðbjörg Vilhjálmsdótir
    Developing an Integrated Guidance System on the Internet
  • Geneviève Fournier, Daniel Côté
    Counselling and Guidance Sciences at the Heart of Globalisation: Dimensions and Aspects of Research Developed at the Centre de recherche et d’interventi on sur l’éducation et la vie au travail (CRIEVAT)
  • Marcel Monet
    Education and Training of Guidance and Career Development Counsellors at Laval University

Abstracts in Polish

publikacja2Zawód czy kompetencje? Wymagania rynku pracy a wspieranie rozwoju kariery [Vocation or Competencies?: Labour Market Demands and Career Development Interventions]
Edited by Violetta Drabik-Podgórna and Marek Podgórny
Publisher: Wyd. Adam Marszałek (2016)
ISBN: 978-83-8019-565-3

Another book published in 2016 was Zawód czy kompetencje? Wymagania rynku pracy a wspieranie rozwoju kariery [Vocation or Competencies?: Labour Market Demands and Career Development Interventions], a collected volume edited by Violetta Drabik-Podgórna and Marek Podgórny. The contributors discuss new models of work organisation and vocational career, in which increasingly often precedence is given to the competencies individuals acquire and develop in a variety of settings rather than to their trained vocations, which was the case previously. This shift necessitates new approaches to vocational counselling, which instead of persuading individuals to take certain jobs focuses on supporting them in developing their life/work careers. The change does not entail a simple re-adjustment of methods and tools but rather calls for abandoning the vocational counselling model for lifelong/biographical career design counselling referred to as Life Designing.

From a review by Professor Bożena Wojtasik

“In the world shaken by tectonic changes, the choice of vocation, educational paths and work differs from the choices people made before the upheaval of socio-cultural transformations. Human work paths of old followed a rather simple school-job-retirement pattern. Today, models of work are changing, new employment forms appear, working hours are either shortened or considerably prolonged, work penetrates into private lives, and the division between the two spheres is getting blurred. Unemployment ruptures peoples’ work biographies. Jobs are changing, too; some vanish without a trace, new ones emerge, and the old, familiar ones are re-cast. Increasingly often employers look not so much for people trained in a given occupation as rather for people with particular competencies. That is why the volume edited by Violetta Drabik-Podgórna and Marek Podgórny is so pertinent and valuable. It addresses these issues and encourages profound reflection on the current labour market and career development interventions. (...)
Rendering a synthetic and multifaceted image of career counselling, the volume invites reflection and discussion. It is a highly informative and inspiring reading that should appeal not only to theoreticians of counselling but also to counselling practitioners (...). It will be useful also to students of education, psychology, sociology and social work.”


  • Violetta Drabik-Podgórna, Marek Podgórny
    Vocation or Competencies?: Outlining the Problem Field
  • Augustyn Bańka
    Pro-active attitudes and Decisiveness: New Measures of Creative Adaptation to the Labour Market’s Blurred Realities
  • Magdalena Piorunek
    A Few Thoughts on Vocational Career (Non)Planning: Realities, Myths, Dilemmas
  • Henryk Jarosiewicz
    Development towards Competencies
  • Agnieszka Piasecka-Robak
    “Competencies vs. Vocation” – a Tradition vs. Change Choice?: On Assessment and Recognition of Qualifications Acquired in Informal and Non-formal Settings
  • Marek Podgórny
    Knowledge Management in Promoting Staff Development
  • Joanna Anioł
    Family Competencies and the Labour Market Today: Mothers’ Resources vs. Employers’ Demands
  • Violetta Drabik - Podgórna
    Positive Career Counselling, or (ever less) Vocational Counselling: From Diagnosing A Client-Job Mismatch to Supporting Competence Development
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